Screaming with Laughter

Wednesday 13th of July in the Round Room : 1pm start, Tickets £9
About This Project

Screaming with Laughter is an afternoon comedy club, designed for parents with infants under a year old.

See the best acts from TV and the comedy circuit without having to book a babysitter.

Feel free to feed and change your baby. The acts won’t make fun of you if you have to move around, whip out a boob or a bottle, or if your baby’s just having a bit of a shout and scream.

All the acts are experienced club performers, used to rowdy stag and hen night crowds at the weekend, so a bit of noise or the odd bare breast won’t phase them. Expectant parents are also very welcome, as are grandparents, aunties and uncles, nannies, au pairs, carers and family friends.

Feel free to bring along as many people as you like, we just ask that each party contains at least one baby or pregnant woman. All the comedians will be performing their normal adult material, so the show is not suitable for older children. That’s why we have an ‘under one or over sixteen’ admission policy.


Tickets on Sale 27th May for subscribers, 31st May for public